From the purchase of live cattle to the delivery of finished products, Vlevia do everything to implement its quality requirements at each stage of the production process.

That's why we maintain close relationships with breeders, why we have erected our Mouscron workshop in direct connection to the slaughterhouse, and why we have internalised the logistics and transport of our products in Belgium. 

Purchase of live cattle

Vlevia buyers select first choice cattle from breeders and fatteners everywhere in Belgium. They particularly take into account the sex, age, weight, and the breed of the animal.


The Mouscron headquarter of Vlevia is connected directly to the slaughterhouse of Euro Meat Group, the most modern in the country. In this way, the freshness of meat shipped by us is guaranteed. Of course, we respect all the regulations in force for the protection of the welfare of the animals. In this way, we can preserve the cattle from any stress prior to slaughter.

Cutting, processing and marketing of wholesale meat 

This is the core of our business: we cut, process and market carcass meats, packaged under vacuum or in a protective atmosphere.

Transport and logistics 

In order to control the entire production process and preserve the cold chain, Vlevia has its own refrigerated warehouses and a large fleet of delivery vehicles, ranging from vans to trailer trucks.


This vertical integration also allows Vlevia to provide the necessary flexibility to meet the requirements of each customer.



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